You can take advantage of search and click analytics when using as a backend with ReactiveSearch. Search analytics work out of the box with analytics prop in ReactiveBase. This recipe explains how to implement click analytics for your app.

Click Analytics

Click analytics have to be wired into the result components. Its supported in ReactiveList, ResultCard and ResultList. When using ResultCard or ResultList the click analytics will work on its own. However when using ReactiveList, the onData or onAllData prop receives an extra parameter to make click analytics work which you have to invoke with onClick.

    onData={(data, triggerClickAnalytics) => (
        <div onClick={triggerClickAnalytics}>...</div>

With onAllData(results, streamResults, loadMoreData, analytics) the analytics parameter receives an object having the base value and triggerClickAnalytics function. When rendering your component using onAllData you have to read the analytics object and call the triggerClickAnalytics after adding the base value to the index (base is calculated internally from currentPage * size). index is assumed to start from 0. Example:

        { base, triggerClickAnalytics }
    ) =>
            .map((item, index) => (
                    onClick={() => triggerClickAnalytics(base + index)}