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A DatePicker sensor component creates a calender view based UI widget. It is used for filtering results by a date like property.

Example uses:

  • finding flights departing on a particular day.
  • picking your date of birth for an online application form.




  • componentId String
    unique id of the sensor, can be referenced when creating a combined query context in an actuator’s actuate prop.
  • appbaseField String
    DB data field to be mapped with the component’s UI options.
  • title String [optional]
    title of the component to be shown in the UI.
  • numberOfMonths Number [optional]
    number of months to be shown in the calendar view. Defaults to 1.
  • allowAllDates Boolean [optional]
    whether to all all dates or dates starting from today. Defaults to true, i.e. allowing all dates.
  • date Object of Moment [optional]
    pre-select a default date based on a moment object representing a date.
  • extra Object [optional]
    supports the full gauntlet of props as defined in airbnb’s react-dates component.

An example extra prop object would look like:

  "withFullScreenPortal": true,
  "showClearDate": true

CSS Styles API

All reactivebase components are rbc namespaced.

Annotated image

<div class="rbc rbc-datepicker col s12 col-xs-12 card thumbnail rbc-title-active">
  <h4 class="rbc-title col s12 col-xs-12">DatePicker</h4>
  <div class="col s12 col-xs-12">
    <div class="SingleDatePicker">
  • DatePicker component’s class name is rbc-singlelist. Additionally, depending on the presence / absence of the title prop, a rbc-title-active or rbc-title-inactive class is respectively applied.
  • the title element has a class name of rbc-title.


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