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A MultiList sensor component creates a multiple checkbox select list UI widget. It is used for filtering results based on the current selection of list items.

Example uses:

  • create an e-commerce facet like search experience.
  • create a filter for airlines to fly by in a flight booking experience.


  title="MultiList: City Filter"
  defaultSelected={["San Francisco"]}
  searchPlaceholder="Search City"


  • componentId String
    unique id of the sensor, can be referenced in an actuator’s actuate prop.
  • appbaseField String
    data field to be mapped with the component’s UI view. The list items are filtered by a database query on this field.
  • title String [optional]
    title of the component to be shown in the UI. Defaults to no title being shown.
  • size Number [optional]
    number of list items to be displayed. Defaults to showing a 100 items. Max value for this prop can be 1000.
  • sortBy String [optional]
    sort the list items by one of count, asc, or desc. Defaults to count, which sorts the list by the frequency of count value, most first.
  • defaultSelected Array [optional]
    pre-select one or more list items. Accepts an Array object containing the items that should be selected. It is important for the passed value(s) to exactly match the field value(s) as stored in the DB.
  • showCount Boolean [optional]
    show a count of the number of occurences besides each list item. Defaults to true.
  • showSearch Boolean [optional]
    whether to show a searchbox to filter the list items locally. Defaults to true.
  • searchPlaceholder String [optional]
    placeholder to be displayed in the searchbox, only applicable when the showSearch prop is set to true. When applicable, the default placeholder value is set to “Search”.

CSS Styles

All reactivebase components are rbc namespaced.

Annotated image

<div class="rbc rbc-multilist col s12 col-xs-12 card thumbnail rbc-search-active rbc-title-active rbc-placeholder-active">
  <h4 class="rbc-title col s12 col-xs-12">Cities</h4>
  <div class="rbc-search-container col s12 col-xs-12">
    <input type="text" class="rbc-input col s12 col-xs-12 form-control" value="" placeholder="Search City">
  <div class="rbc-list-container col s12 col-xs-12">
    <div class="rbc-list-item row">
      <input type="checkbox" class="rbc-checkbox-item" value="London">
      <label class="rbc-label">London <span class="rbc-count">(211)</span></label>
  • Multilist component’s class name is rbc-multilist. Additionally, depending on the presence / absence of the title prop, a rbc-title-active or rbc-title-inactive class is respectively applied. Similarly for search and searchPlaceholder props, classnames of rbc-search-active, rbc-search-inactive, rbc-placeholder-active, rbc-placeholder-active are applied.
  • the title element has a class name of rbc-title.
  • the search element has a class name of rbc-search-container.
  • the checkbox inputs are encapsulated inside a rbc-list-container class with each element having class name of rbc-list-item.
  • the input checkbox element has a class name of rbc-checkbox-item.
  • the label element has a class name of rbc-label.
  • the element containing count inside the label has a class name of rbc-count.


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