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A RangeSlider sensor component creates a numeric range slider UI widget. It is used for granular filtering of numeric data.

Example uses:

  • filtering products from a price range in an e-commerce shopping experience.
  • filtering flights from a range of departure and arrival times.


      "start": 0,
      "end": 10
      "start": 1,
      "end": 5


  • componentId String
    unique id of the sensor, can be referenced in an actuator’s actuate prop.
  • appbaseField String
    DB data field to be mapped with the component’s UI view.The selected range creates a database query on this field.
  • title String [optional]
    title of the component to be shown in the UI.
  • range Object
    an object with start and end keys and corresponding numeric values denoting the minimum and maximum possible slider values.
  • rangeLabels Object [optional]
    an object with start and end keys and corresponding String labels to show labels near the ends of the RangeSlider component.
  • defaultSelected Object [optional]
    an object with start and end keys and corresponding numeric values denoting the pre-selected range values.
  • stepValue Number [optional]
    step value specifies the slider stepper. Value should be an integer between 1 and floor(#total-range/2). Defaults to 1.

CSS Styles

All reactivebase components are rbc namespaced.

Annotated image

<div class="rbc rbc-rangeslider card thumbnail col s12 col-xs-12 rbc-title-active rbc-labels-inactive">
    <h4 class="rbc-title col s12 col-xs-12">Guests</h4>
    <div class="rbc-bar-container col s12 col-xs-12">
      <span class="rbc-bar-item">
        <span class="bar"></span>
    <div class="rbc-rangeslider-container col s12 col-xs-12" style="margin: 25px 0px;">
        <div class="rc-slider">
  • RangeSlider component’s class name is rbc-rangeslider. Additionally, depending on the presence / absence of the title prop, a rbc-title-active or rbc-title-inactive class is respectively applied.
  • the title element has a class name of rbc-title.
  • the histogram is encapsulated inside a rbc-bar-container class with each element having class name of rbc-bar-item.
  • the slider is encapsulated inside a rbc-rangeslider-container class.


  1. Range with all the default props

  2. Range with a default selection

  3. Range with a dependency on another sensor

  4. Playground (with all knob actions)