Advanced Guides

ReactiveSearch Native is built on the same philosophy as ReactiveSearch for web. It shares the same advanced concepts. A list of guides are mentioned below which are common for both the web and native version.

Custom Queries

ReactiveSearch components come with default Elasticsearch queries. In case you wish to use your own custom queries, the filter components provide a customQuery prop. Check the detailed guide here.

React prop

One of the key ideas behind ReactiveSearch is the reactive design pattern, which allows defining how a component reacts to changes in the states of other components. This is acheived by the react prop supported by ReactiveSearch components. Check the detailed guide here.

Writing and Editing Data

ReactiveSearch components are great for reading data, but at times you might want to create, update or delete your data. Here is a detailed guide on performing write operations.

Comparison with Other Projects

We’ve a detailed comparison of ReactiveSearch with other projects with similar aims here. Contributions are welcome!