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ReactiveList creates a data-driven result list UI component. This list can reactively update itself based on changes in other components or changes in the database itself.

Example uses:

  • showing a feed of results based on the applied search criteria.
  • streaming realtime feed updates based on applied criteria like in a newsfeed.


Basic Usage

    "and": ["CitySensor", "SearchSensor"]
  onData={(res) => <Text>{res.title}</Text>}

Usage With All Props

  onData={(res) => <Text>{res.title}</Text>}
  onResultStats={(total, took) => {
    return "found " + total + " results in " + took + "ms."
    and: ["CitySensor", "SearchSensor"]


  • componentId String
    unique identifier of the component, can be referenced in other components’ react prop.
  • dataField String
    data field to be connected to the component’s UI view. It is useful for providing a sorting context.
  • stream Boolean [optional]
    whether to stream new result updates in the UI. Defaults to false. stream: true is appended to the streaming hit objects, which can be used to selectively react to streaming changes (eg. showing fade in animation on new streaming hits, Twitter/Facebook like streams, showing the count of new feed items available like 2 New Tweets)
  • pagination Boolean [optional]
    pagination <> infinite scroll switcher. Defaults to false, i.e. an infinite scroll based view. When set to true, a pagination based list view with page numbers will appear.
  • paginationAt String [optional]
    Determines the position where to show the pagination, only applicable when pagination prop is set to true. Accepts one of top, bottom or both as valid values. Defaults to bottom.
  • pages Number [optional]
    number of user selectable pages to be displayed when pagination is enabled. Defaults to 5.
  • sortBy String [optional]
    sort the results by either asc or desc order. It is an alternative to sortOptions, both can’t be used together.
  • size Number [optional]
    number of results to show per view. Defaults to 10.
  • showResultStats Boolean [optional]
    whether to show result stats in the form of results found and time taken. Defaults to true.
  • onResultStats Function [optional]
    show custom result stats using a function that takes two parameters for time_taken and total_results and returns a string.
  • react Object [optional]
    a dependency object defining how this component should react based on the state changes in the sensor components.
  • onData Function [optional]
    returns a list element object to be rendered based on the res data object. This callback function prop is called for each data item rendered in the ReactiveList component’s view. For example,

      function(res) {
    		return (
  • onAllData Function [optional]
    works like onData prop but all the data objects are passed to the callback function.
  • innerProps Object [optional]
    specifies additional props for the internal components. Accepts an object with the specified keys. Read more about the usage here

Key Explanation
icon Icon component from native-base
button Button component from native-base
spinner Spinner component from native-base
text Text component from react-native


Try the demo instantly.


ReactiveList component supports style prop. Read more about it here.

It also supports an innerStyle prop with the following keys:

  • label
  • button
  • icon

Read more about it here


ReactiveList component can be extended to

  1. customize the look and feel with style,
  2. render individual result data items using onData,
  3. render the entire result data using onAllData.
  style={{ paddingBottom: 10 }}
  onData={(res) => <Text>{}</Text>}
  • style Object
    CSS styles to be applied to the ReactiveList component.
  • onData Function [optional]
    a callback function where user can define how to render the view based on the data changes.
  • onAllData Function [optional]
    an alternative callback function to onData, where user can define how to render the view based on all the data changes. It accepts three parameters, results, streamResults and a callback function which should be called when the results reach the end (on scroll).
onAllData(results, streamReasults, loadMoreData) {
	// return the list to render